Tuesday, April 2, 2013


March 25, 2013
Dear Family,

You will always get your email first, don't you worry.
This week has been really good. First, some things I didn't get to last week. 
  • There is a Brother in this ward named Tyson Stucki. He has an Aunt named Kathy and an uncle named Blair. I don't think that makes us actually related, but it is interesting. 
  • I would like you to find a talk for me entitled, "Take your Mission Home with you." You don't need to send it to me yet, but sometime in the next 4 months.  
    Elder Neefe is still sick. It is frusturating. The Doctors don't know what is wrong with him. They said he is healthy, but he is not healthy. He is dizzy a lot, he frequently has headaches and he is nauseous in the mornings. I hope he is OK. He has been this way for about a month. It is limiting our ability to work, but we are learning to make the work we do have time to do more effective. It is a learning process. It is interesting, because this is an issue that I traditionally struggle with. The Lord definitely tailors our challenges toward us. I hope Elder Neefe gets better soon. He is getting frustrated. It is taxing both of us. Mostly we are annoyed that no one seems to know what is going on. We are making the most of it, though. The Lord is guiding us. We are seeing miracles.
  One of the most recent miracles is the J family. We didn't actually intend to knock on their door. (We weren't looking for them) We were actually looking for a referral that a nonmember gave us on the street. We knocked on their door and they said that this person had moved several years ago, and they didn't know where to find them. We offered to leave a blessing on their home, and they accepted. As we were asking them what they would like in the Blessing, she told us that she grew up in UT, and she had some contact with the church, and she recently had a miscarriage. We left the blessing and they both felt the Spirit. They accepted a return appointment. They are both very prepared. They really love the Plan of Salvation. It is amazing! We have only had two lessons with them, and she has already asked us about the Book of Mormon. I think at this point they are mostly curious, but that will change as they feel the Spirit. It helps that there is a couple in the ward that is almost exactly like them. They recently went through a miscarriage, so they can help each other through this challenge. They have similar age children. They have a similar conversion story (He is a lifelong member, but was less-active for a time and came back.)  (It is strange, this ward has an abundance of young couples. It seems like everyone is getting ready to have a baby.) I really hope they get baptized. They are wonderful people, that really are receptive to the gospel. I really love them. They need to get baptized.

MONDAY- Preparation day. Elder Neefe's bike was flat, (and the Axle snapped) so we were on foot. It takes forever to walk. It was OK, though. We saw a good family, and gave him a blessing.
TUESDAY- Elder Neefe was sick in the morning, so I got extra study time. In the afternoon, we saw some investigators and ate dinner with a wonderful family. In the evening, we saw an investigator who tried to drop us. (We think she got anti-ed, so we want to talk to her about it so we can resolve her concerns)

WEDNESDAY-Same morning. In the Evening, we taught a stop-smoking Lesson. That was really good.

THURSDAY-President's interviews. That was really good, but it eliminated most of our day. We saw the J family. That was a wonderful lesson.

FRIDAY-None of our appointments kept. It was OK, though. We had weekly planning, and that really wore Elder Neefe out.

SATURDAY-I was on split with another missionary so we could work. It was crazy. We had a wonderful appointment with the J and their fellowshippers. It was really great. The lesson didn't really go as planned, but the Jacobs and the fellowshippers got to know each other.
SUNDAY-Church was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I felt like everything was tailored toward me. It was good. The person we shared the stop smoking lesson with also came to church and he felt the same thing. It was great.

Thank you all so much for being the best family ever! I love you so much!

I know that Christ Lives! I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is such a wonderful truth. The Spirit has confirmed this to me. It is like a pillar deep within my soul.

Elder Brett Jason Coles

April 1, 2013
Dear Family,

EASTER IS AMAZING! I think it is my favorite. Getting to remember the Atonement is my favorite. I know that He lives, He bled and died for me on that dark Friday, but Sunday CAME! HE IS RISEN! He hath opened Heaven's Gate! Because of Him, we are freed from the dank, dark prison of Sin! For all of us, Death shall be vanquished. We are free!  Christ is Victorious, and we await His coming in His Glory. It is our duty to spread this news throughout the whole Earth. It is a joyful task. I am so grateful that He allows me, an imperfect man, to assist Him in this great work. 
   This week has been amazing! We were able to visit President and Sister Gelwix in the mission home on Tuesday. (It is in our area) It is really great to get to know both of them. They are wonderful examples. They are kind of like an aunt and uncle. 
  The J are doing really well. We had a wonderful lesson with them on Wednesday. At one point, she said that she feels like something is missing from her current church. It was awesome! Her husband then said, "Maybe the church that we are currently attending is just a stepping stone for those who aren't used to coming to church." It was amazing. They really understand faith. They are great. 
  In other news. I had a really strange dream that I got called to China. It was an interesting dream. I was really worried about learning Chinese. Then, President called an Emergency Zone Conference. It wasn't about sending some of us to China, thankfully, but it was an amazing conference. It talked about giving all we have to the Lord, and wanting the "M" more than the "R". We sang hymns 199 and 134. It was amazing. It is so powerful when we sing as missionaries. (It is what happens when you get about 80, 18-25 year old men and women in a room and have them sing about Christ). 
  Elder Neefe is still ill. It is really too bad. I hope he gets better soon. 
  The Js came to Church. That is the single most difficult commitment for investigators to keep. As Elder Golden put it, "When they come to church, they have crossed the Rubicon." They really liked it. I enjoyed having them there. It was wonderful! 
  President and Sister Gelwix sat next to us in church. Not something I ever expected to happen on my mission, since I have been in places like Sonora. That was interesting.

I love you all so much! I am so glad for all your examples and the wonderful people you all are! Mom, I especially thank you for the exuberance that you demonstrate in your letters. It cheers me up when I am down. 

I know that Christ Lives! He Atoned for all our sins and misdeeds. He caused the Book of Mormon to be translated. It is true. I know that it is by the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I love you! 

Elder Brett Jason Coles

Thursday, March 14, 2013


March 4, 2013
Dear Family,


  This week was interesting. I transferred, and that was strange. I had been in Ceres for 7.5 months. It was strange to see it go, and strange to be in Fresno. We meet at the stake Center next to the Temple. Pity it isn't open on Monday.... The Mission home is in our area, which is strange. President and Sister Gelwix are never in church, though, from what I hear. They are usually visiting other places. It is just weird. 

I am still trying to get my bearings, but Elder Neefe is amazing. He is from Winona, Minnesota. He has been out a little less than a year. He has only served in one area. This one. It is interesting to hear his perspective on things. 

We are in a biking area. Probably the largest biking area I have ever served in. It is strange to think that my entire area is city, and it only covers a small part of the city. There isn't really that much more traffic than there has been. It is just biking. 

MONDAY- I packed. We went to the stake center and played rugby. That was fun. I really like rugby. I will have to teach all of you eventually. Then, I said goodbye to some people. That was hard. That is the part I don't like. I like getting to know new people, and learning a new area, but I don't like saying goodbye. We saw the H family, from Boise, ID. (He works for Winco.)

TUESDAY- We worked hard all day, and said goodbye to more people. I had to say goodbye to the Marshall family. Bro. Marshall lived in Blackfoot in the '20s. He was the hardest to say goodbye to. His health is declining. Will you see if Bishop Horrocks' dad knows a Jack Marshall? Also, will you see if 123 N University still exists? That was Bro. Marshall's home, when he lived in Blackfoot. He lived on the Reservation most of the time. He was there before our house was built. Crazy! 

WEDNESDAY- Transfer day. We spent most of the day waiting at the Fresno West stake center for someone's companion. We eventually picked him up at the mission office. It was strange to be there. We saw all the new missionaries. Their eyes were about as big around as dinner plates. I was like that once! 

THURSDAY- We talked to people. It was good. I don't remember anything specific.

FRIDAY- We had weekly planning. It was good. Same as Thursday.

SATURDAY- We had a really good teamup with our ward Mission Leader. He is awesome! He wants to help so much. We had some good lessons. 

SUNDAY- We had church. The ward here is very young. Lots of children. Lots of babies. It is strange to think that those people are in my age group....

MONDAY- We are doing Preparation day. We have our own Washer and Dryer! I am so excited. I was able to buy food. (We didn't have anything when I got here) I am writing Elder Smith. FUNFACT- Elder Neefe knows Elder Kirk Van Orden from Blackfoot, ID. It is pretty cool. I thought I saw a familiar face in his pictures. (Elder Van Orden is in Minnesota. So is Elder Burt....) 

I am glad the Eggs are hatching! That is much better than last year. 

SUZANNA GOT MARRIED ?!?!?!?!? She didn't write me or anything. He looks like a nice man.

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

I love you!

I know that Christ Lives! I know that the Book of Mormon is true. 

(That reminds me. I had a really cool experience the other day.  I was trying to explain how I know that the Gospel is true, and it hit me. I do know that it is true. I know because I have had a witness of the Spirit. Not all at once, but a little at a time. It was a good experience for me.) 

Elder Brett Jason Coles
March 11, 2013
Dear Family,

This week has been interesting. Elder Neefe has been sick, so we haven't been able to go outside very much. I have been able to study a lot. I just finished the section in Jesus the Christ about the Atonement. I hadn't realized just how much He had to go through. It was like I was right there with Him. I definitely appreciate the Atonement more now. I want to use it more, so that His sacrifice isn't in vain. I am working on developing Christlike attributes. Specifically, Charity. It is so difficult. How do you and Dad develop Charity? We had an experience last night where my charity was tested.
 We locked up our bikes to a fence in an apartment complex and left them for a while. (We went to some appointments with a member.) And when we came back, there was a set of handcuffs on the tires, rendering them immobile. At first, I thought someone was playing a joke. Then, I realized that the Handcuffs weren't the kind that you get from the dollar store, and they looked well used. I thought maybe this was the equivalent to putting a boot on our car. We determined that they did not belong to the police, because the police would have left some kind of notice, so we went to a member's home. (I was going to get a bobby pin, so we could pick the lock and be on our way.) Then, the security guard found us and told us that the Maintenance man wanted to talk to us. The Maintenance man went on and on about how this was a gated community and how we were trespassing, and how he respected us and what we do, etc. Basically it was a power-play. It made the both of us really mad. and I must say that I wasn't very Christlike when I shook his hand. I was pretty aggressive. I didn't say anything rude, but you know how I can be. I don't feel like I represented the Savior very well. I am going to do a better job. How would you have dealt with the situation?

Enough about that.


Monday- We had some appointments, but they fell through.

TUESDAY- We had Zone Meeting. Then, we also had appointments, they were good, and we were guided to some new investigators.

WEDNESDAY- We had some very good appointments, but had to go in early because Elder Neefe felt ill.

THURSDAY- We stayed in all day. Studied, etc.


SATURDAY- I was able to go on splits with the District Leader while he stayed with Elder Neefe. Other than that, we were in all day.

SUNDAY- Church. It was good. The time change hit me hard. We had dinner with some awesome members, the Woodruffs. They are a younger couple. I already told you the other things.

I love you all so much!

I know that Christ Lives! I know that He is the Creator and the Redeemer of the World! I know that the Book of Mormon is true!

Elder Brett Jason Coles

PS- How is the Book of Mormon Reading coming? Tell me what you learn! I want to know

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I am being transferred!

Feb 18, 2013

Dear Dad, 


It is so cool that you and your mom have the same birthday. 


We have lived next to a family in our complex since I have been here. We have tried to teach them, but they have always been super busy. This last couple of times, though, something has clicked. We had a wonderful lesson with them last night, during which we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost and answered their questions. The Spirit was there, and during the course of the discussion, we asked if they had any experiences recognizing the Spirit. The Wife then told us a story about their decision to move into that complex. She told of how they had not really wanted to move there, but they were losing their house, and were looking for a place. The availability date in our complex was too soon, so they were not going to do anything about it. This woman prayed, and she told us that she felt very strongly that she should move her family here. This impression was so strong that she signed the lease without consulting her husband, which is out of character for her. When they moved in, they met the Senior Missionaries who lived next door. (They have since gone home, and we stay in their apartment.) This family recognized that the reason that they moved to this complex is so that they could meet us. We are going to teach them tonight and Invite them to Baptism. 

I love you! You are wonderful. 

I know that Christ Lives! He loves us and wants us to do the best we can. 

Elder Coles

Feb 25, 2013

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for writing me. This has been a wonderful week. 
 I did get my Valentines Package. It was wonderful. I will use the things that you sent me. I really appreciate the letters. 
I am being transferred. To Fresno. It will be a different experience for me. It is going to be interesting. 
The family that lives in our complex is doing well. They are really wonderful, I am going to miss teaching them. 
I had a wonderful experience last night. We were guided by the Spirit 100%. It was a great experience. I really loved it. I realized as I was explaining how to get a testimony, just how strong my own testimony is. We were completely guided. It was a wonderful lesson. 
MONDAY- Preparation Day- we played Rugby. I really love it. I don't know how I would feel about it if we didn't play touch.... We also saw a brother in our ward who recently had surgery. He was very appreciative.
TUESDAY- We had District Meeting. It was good. We also found out that we are getting a car. I made an object lesson that I learned from another missionary. It is the Apostasy Cups. It is fun, but I need to work the kinks out to make it the most effective. Later in the day, We taught it to the family in our  complex, and it didn't work super well. 
WEDNESDAY- We had some wonderful lessons, and went out on teamup with brother H.  He is from ID! It was really cool to see a 1A license plate. I really like him. He is a great man. 
THURSDAY- We taught the M  Family. They have Idaho Roots as well. Twin Falls.
FRIDAY- We had weekly planning. We also saw the Reeces. Then, we went out on a teamup with Brother M.
SATURDAY- We saw the Family in our complex, as well as the Marshalls. (He is a WWII Vet from the BHS Class of 1943. You should go to the Library and see the Book case that is there as a memorial) We also ate dinner with the WML
SUNDAY-  We had a wonderful evening. We had several wonderful appointments. It was great. 

Our workouts are great. We run for 20 minutes 4x a day. 

Be sure to thank Colby for me. 

I know that Christ Lives! I know that this is His church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true!

Love you! 

Elder Coles