Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I am being transferred!

Feb 18, 2013

Dear Dad, 


It is so cool that you and your mom have the same birthday. 


We have lived next to a family in our complex since I have been here. We have tried to teach them, but they have always been super busy. This last couple of times, though, something has clicked. We had a wonderful lesson with them last night, during which we talked about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost and answered their questions. The Spirit was there, and during the course of the discussion, we asked if they had any experiences recognizing the Spirit. The Wife then told us a story about their decision to move into that complex. She told of how they had not really wanted to move there, but they were losing their house, and were looking for a place. The availability date in our complex was too soon, so they were not going to do anything about it. This woman prayed, and she told us that she felt very strongly that she should move her family here. This impression was so strong that she signed the lease without consulting her husband, which is out of character for her. When they moved in, they met the Senior Missionaries who lived next door. (They have since gone home, and we stay in their apartment.) This family recognized that the reason that they moved to this complex is so that they could meet us. We are going to teach them tonight and Invite them to Baptism. 

I love you! You are wonderful. 

I know that Christ Lives! He loves us and wants us to do the best we can. 

Elder Coles

Feb 25, 2013

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for writing me. This has been a wonderful week. 
 I did get my Valentines Package. It was wonderful. I will use the things that you sent me. I really appreciate the letters. 
I am being transferred. To Fresno. It will be a different experience for me. It is going to be interesting. 
The family that lives in our complex is doing well. They are really wonderful, I am going to miss teaching them. 
I had a wonderful experience last night. We were guided by the Spirit 100%. It was a great experience. I really loved it. I realized as I was explaining how to get a testimony, just how strong my own testimony is. We were completely guided. It was a wonderful lesson. 
MONDAY- Preparation Day- we played Rugby. I really love it. I don't know how I would feel about it if we didn't play touch.... We also saw a brother in our ward who recently had surgery. He was very appreciative.
TUESDAY- We had District Meeting. It was good. We also found out that we are getting a car. I made an object lesson that I learned from another missionary. It is the Apostasy Cups. It is fun, but I need to work the kinks out to make it the most effective. Later in the day, We taught it to the family in our  complex, and it didn't work super well. 
WEDNESDAY- We had some wonderful lessons, and went out on teamup with brother H.  He is from ID! It was really cool to see a 1A license plate. I really like him. He is a great man. 
THURSDAY- We taught the M  Family. They have Idaho Roots as well. Twin Falls.
FRIDAY- We had weekly planning. We also saw the Reeces. Then, we went out on a teamup with Brother M.
SATURDAY- We saw the Family in our complex, as well as the Marshalls. (He is a WWII Vet from the BHS Class of 1943. You should go to the Library and see the Book case that is there as a memorial) We also ate dinner with the WML
SUNDAY-  We had a wonderful evening. We had several wonderful appointments. It was great. 

Our workouts are great. We run for 20 minutes 4x a day. 

Be sure to thank Colby for me. 

I know that Christ Lives! I know that this is His church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I know that the Book of Mormon is true!

Love you! 

Elder Coles