Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The first few weeks in Fresno!

Oct 17th

I just wanted to email you to make sure you knew I made it to the Mission Office alright. It is interesting. I swear my eyes must be as big as dinner plates. One of the first things we did was go street contacting. We committed two people to baptism! That was really bizzare. I did not expect to be asking people on the street to be baptized, but President Gelwix knows what the mission needs.

I really loved talking to Mom and Dad! I love all of you!

I will be in the Mission Home tonight and meet my trainer tomorrow.

I am getting excited, even though I am really nervous...

I had better go.

Love you!

Elder Coles

Oct 24

Dear Family,

I am actually not allowed to email anyone except family (That includes Extended Family.)

I am serving in the City of Turlock, CA. We have a huge area, and I don't have a bicycle yet. It takes us about 2 hours for us to walk from the top of our area to the bottom. My companion is Elder R from Indiana. He is awesome. We have been working hard. I have only been here a week, yet I feel I have been here forever... I don't mind though. I love our investigators.

Don't ever start smoking. We are helping one woman quit with the Stop Smoking Lesson. It is really hard for her. It is such a vice. I hate it.

My package got here transfer day. Mother, your timing is impeccable. I appreciate the spook treats. Sadly, Elder Roberts and I have to break the chain...

One of our wards had their primary program yesterday. It was awesome! I loved it. I remember when you taught nursery...

I need a bike. I think I will just buy one with my debit card... The bike that the mission had for me is too large...

I will send pictures soon. I have not been fed anything strange.

Dad, Thank you for reporting the BYU scores! That is good news!

Elder Coles

Oct 31

Dear Mom,

It is easier to follow the crowd, but I can testify of the blessings that come from EXACT obedience. (Our alarm didnt go off the other day, we only slept in by 7 minutes, but I did not feel the spirit as strong all day...)

I absolutely love teaching! (Not street contacting or tracting so much, but teaching in a controlled setting, yes.) It is amazing to trust in the Lord and take no thought to what you are going to say, and then be directed by the spirit to say something that you would not have said otherwise.

Elder R is from Indiana. He is from a town smaller than Blackfoot. He is amazing, and I am glad to be taught by him. He teaches by example a lot, and he teaches me by allowing me to do things, which is nice.

I agree. One of the things that really bothers me about street contacting is when people say that they are happy the way they are and that the only reason they are a certain religion is they were born into it.

We had Zone Conference on Thursday. Elder Kalliger from the First Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us. That was awesome!


I hope your class is still doing well. One of the Bishops here teaches an online course at BYU-I as well. He said he saw you on there. What a small world it is. We also ate dinner at the house of someone who was a high school pottery teacher the other day.

Any advice for teaching someone who is a devout Southern Baptist and thinks we are all going to go to Hell?


I am Flattered that you are a missionary for Halloween! This work is amazing! Hard, but Amazing as well! How is school?


How is band? How is life? What is new to your life? There aren't any Boys in it are there?

You stay amazing!


You are awesome! Have an awesome experience in 4th grade!

I know that the Book of Mormon is the most correct Book on the Earth. I know that through it we will be brought closer to Christ. Through it we will gain a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Restored Gospel, and Through that, Eternal Life.

Elder Coles

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