Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 22, 2013

Dear Family,

This week has been pretty good. We have been working hard and helping others come unto Christ. We are finding a lot of new people, and the Lord used us to find a new family. They fed us dinner. It was really good, they are such a wonderful family. 


MONDAY- We had preparation day, then went to dinner at this family's home. (There is a mom and dad and 2 daughters.) The problem is that they are so busy that we can only visit them sporadically. We will pray that they will be able to meet with us more often. After that, we saw a less-active family. They have some health problems, but they are wonderful. She was born in ID! (I took a picture with a cross stitched pillow that they have that has an ID map on it. It was cool). We were able to follow the promptings of the Spirit in helping them. 
 Last, we saw a single brother who is in his 50's he has had a stroke and is very lonely. (From what I understand, his wife left him when he had the stroke. So much for, "In sickness and in health...") He is a very wonderful man. I love him to death. Then, we went to bed.
TUESDAY- We had our final district meeting of the transfer. I Finally got to use the "Hymns Made Easy," That you got me. (I have started carrying it around in my backpack because I never have it when I am around a piano.) It felt so good to actually play a musical instrument at my skill level. (Just above, but it makes me stretch.) It was a really good district meeting. 
  We saw S, she is doing well, and her mom is warming up to the church a little bit. They are working on getting her a home teacher. We are really encouraged. 
 We also saw the Reeces. They are great.
WEDNESDAY- I don't remember. Most of our plans fell through. We had dinner with a wonderful member family. I really feel like I am getting to know the people here. 
THURSDAY- I don't remember either. We were with one of the Zone Leaders because his companion had bronchitis and went to the doctor. We followed up with people we talked to on the street to see if we could teach them. That is hard work, because it never ends. Everytime we talk to someone else it adds another person to the list.... We saw the Marshalls, he lived in Blackfoot, before our house was built. They are wonderful. We also saw some recent converts, and showed them Which reminds me, could you send me the Book of Mormon Stories, NT, OT, and DC, stories books? Just ship them to the Mission office. We teach a lot of kids,and it can be difficult to read straight out of the Book of Mormon and have them understand. The Pictures keep them engaged as well. 
FRIDAY- Weekly Planning. We also saw a recent convert and her mom, who is returning to activity. They are awesome! We had a Lightsaber duel with the children of the member we ate with, and saw a recently reactivated member who has served 4 combat tours overseas. 
SATURDAY- We went out to Keyes, and shared a blessing with a family the Lord directed us to. In the Evening we saw the recent converts we saw on Thursday. We got Transfer Calls, and Elder Pace is leaving. He will be going to Visalia. I am sad to see him go, but it will be good for him. He is ready to go. He will be with a missionary who has only been out 3 months, so they will get to rely on the Spirit a lot. I am staying. I am glad, because I finally feel like I have a good relationship with the members. I will be with Elder DeMarco, Elder Fisi'ihoi's first trainee. That will be cool. I am excited.
SUNDAY- Church was amazing! I love church! It is the most wonderful thing ever. (Even when we sing  "If you could Hie to Kolob," and we have investigators there.) We ate dinner with the McDade family. They are wonderful! Their children have such wonderful testimonies. He actually played football for BYU in 1984. He was a linebacker. So, that is pretty cool. It was great when he met Elder Black. 
MONDAY- We were super busy, and the Library was closed. Hence, no email. We get to do it today, though. We also went to an Exotic Pet Store, which was kind of like going to the Zoo. It was cool. They had some really cool fish, and coral and anemones We saw an absolutly wonderful family! They have 5.6 daughters, 4 of whom are baptizable! And they love us! (They are 12-5) It was so awesome to teach them! I am so excited to teach them more. We are truly blessed. 

I did not get my package yet. I am sure it will come soon. 
Snowmobiling sounds super fun. Do you still have oodles of snow up there? It is 65 F today. I didn't wear my jacket. There isn't a cloud in the sky. It is strange, but nice as a missionary. I am glad I didn't go to Siberia. 

I know that Christ Lives! He loves us and wants us to do the best we can. He has given us a prophet to guide us to Him. He has given us the Book of Mormon to convince us of the Restoration and I know that that book is true. I know that we have a prophet on the earth today, just as in times of old.

I love all of you so much. 

Elder Coles

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