Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Dear Mom,

First off, We had an interesting experience yesterday. One of the Local deer decided to make friends with our Corolla. We weren't going very fast, and it was a very small deer, but it still went over the car. Leaving several dents and a smudge on the windshield. Then, it got up and walked away. It had appeared out of nowhere, and surprised both of us. There was nothing we could do.

For Preparation Day, I am going to be taking a driving test so that I can drive in the mission. It should be really easy. Although, the 50 Question CA state Driving exam that they are making me take, is worrying me. In Idaho, It was only 30 Questions, and I only answered 26. I think Idaho has better drivers too..... There seems to be an incongruity here.

Good Luck with the Sprinkler System. I look forward to it coming on while I stand at the front of the Sidewalk, as my suitcase comes open and spills everywhere. Only to find out that you have moved. :)

We had mission Conference on Saturday, and I met a Sister Aubree Thomson. Who says she is my cousin. She says her Mom's name is Mary Ann Reece. So I think it is plausible (That and the fact that Diana sent me this, "Do you know that you have a cousin serving in the same mission as you?  Her name is Sister Aubrey Thomson.  Her mother is Nana's half sister MaryAnn Reece Thomson.  (Same father--Grandpa Reece- but different mothers.)  I have been talking to other one of Nana's half-sisters on facebook and that is how I found out.  I sent your mom the information too.". Could you get back to me on that? I am really interested to know if she is my cousin. Could you get me her family's address? (I am not allowed to send her letters or emails, since she is a sister in the same mission...)

Other News from Mission Conference. It was really great to hear from Elder Ballard. The Spirit was there. Especially after the conference. It was strongest as we talked about what we had learned on the drive home. One of the emphases was that we need to consider ourselves as apostles, with a little "a". We, as members of the Church have the same calling to testify of Christ and the truthfulness of His Church. We just dont have the same Apostolic authority or office as the Quorum of the 12 Apostles (Capital "A"). Also, to work as hard as we can. Don't coast through your mission. It was really great, and so was Stake Conference.

I know that Christ lives! I know He Loves me! I know that He called Joseph Smith to be a prophet. I also Know that this is His true Church!

I love you

Elder Brett J. Coles

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